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The Easter Clinic is designed for campers to develop physical and social skills. The goal is to develop teamwork skills and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

You will be active, having a good time and learning in a fun way!

What to bring to Camp Pascua PIPIOL?

Camp Pascua PIPIOL
6 days
April 13th to 18th
Sailing Clinic

The Sailing Clinic allows campers to experience different water sports, particularly sailing, as well as develop a fondness for nature.

The program takes place at our Hacienda and at the Lake site on the shores of Lake Valle de Bravo in a fun, healthy and safe setting where campers can practice:

Adventure Clinic

Campers will spend time at the Hacienda but will spend most of their time at the Mountain Camp (Guerrilleros) where he or she can:

Horseback Riding Clinic

The Horseback Riding Clinic awakens the child‘s interest for riding. They will become one with the horse, learning all of the theoretical and practical aspects like: