Our Facilities

PIPIOL has three beautiful sites in Valle de Bravo

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The Ex-Hacienda Santa María Pipioltepec is located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico State (only 2 hours from Mexico City). It is a completely enclosed 16th-century Hacienda where the majority of camp activities are held.

Our facilities are equipped with:

  • Rooms to house 6-12 children who are always accompanied by Jefes (counselors).
  • Comfortable twin beds and bunks.
  • Closets and private baths with hot water.
  • A large dining room
  • Multipurpose rooms with Audio-Visual Equipment to project presentations, slideshows and movies.
  • Sports fields and large lawns and garden areas.
  • Rappel and climbing wall.

Here we hold the majority of the PIPIOL activities.

Mountain Camp WWW

Located in the mountains of the Masahua region in a valley known as Corral de Piedra, it is a camp constructed in total harmony with nature, very close to the Ex- Hacienda Santa María Pipioltepec in Valle de Bravo.

It is a large property that has:

  • Several log cabins
  • Chimney
  • Separate girls and boys bathrooms
  • Showers with hot water
  • Sitting area
  • Interior dining area/li>
  • Kitchen with oven/li>

Activities here are idea for especially adventurous campers.

Lake K-nu

On the shores of Lake Valle de Bravo we have created an incredible camp.


  • Private dock
  • Water sports equipment
  • Trampolines and inflatables for the water
  • Swimming pool
  • Rooms
  • Private baths
  • Palapa
  • Dining room
  • Gardens

Here you will enjoy fun and innovative aquatic activities.


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The Guerrilleros are those who were made for the mountains, the adventurers who live for adrenaline-pumping challenges. There are very united, they never leave another behind, and they always work together to face hardships.

A Guerrillero is he or she who decides to immerse themselves in the immensity of the forest, don camo clothes and work together with their troop. A good Guerrillero always respects nature, as well as their leaders. Run in the open air, get wet, get muddy, and at the end of the day join together by the fire to sing are only some of their favorite pastimes.

At PIPIOL, we call those who love the mountain site “Wild Wonderful Warriors” (WWW).

The K-nus practically live on the water and are the best swimmers around. They face wind and storms, and fear nothing. They are an extremely unified and fun group. They are strong, tenacious enthusiasts of aquatic sports and challenges.

A K-nu is he or she who chooses Canoas as their camp, a born navigator who paddles with an open heart. Being a K-nu implies enjoying sunset, the well-earned reward after a battle of Buccaneers and Filibusters (2 flag-bearing combatants who face each other on the lake and on land), or swimming against the current, and spending time with good friends while sailing across the lake.