Summer Camps

For kids between the ages 7 to 15. Our special program called MiniKids is for ages 4 to 6 and JEEP for young adolescents of ages 16 to 18.
They sleep according to their gender and age range; small 7 to 9 years old, medium 10 to 12 years old and big 13 to 15 years old. At all times, they are supervised by our Staff.
They sleep according to their gender and age range in cabins with all that they may need. Also at all times, they are supervised by our staff.
We promote healthy choices, our menus appeal to many needs including those with special dietary restrictions. That is why we do not sell any junk food during camp.
Yes, we can pick your kid for an additional cost of $1,800.00 mexican pesos + taxes This price is per person per journey.
We do it in our own vehicles and sometimes we use our suppliers support.
There is a Jefe in charge each 10 children.
There is a packing list depending on the time that the camper is staying with us. We will send it to your email account a few days before Camp. Also, you can download it from our programs page you just have to select the Camp and you’ll find it under What to bring to PIPIOL?
No, PIPIOL sets a program that suits each children age range with activities that will help with their development and learning, if by any circumstance, they do not want to participate in a certain activity our staff will encourage them to do it without forcing them in any way.
PIPIOL’s staff will only encourage campers to participate in all the available activities but the will never force them to any.
No, it is important for you to check with anticipation all of our available dates since it is not possible to modify them.
Children are always accompanied by an emergency vehicle or rescue boat, and staff who carry high-frequency radios and a first-aid kit.

We use helmets, harnesses and/or a lifejacket in all required situations. All of our gear is top of the line and meets international safety standards. Plus, before any activity, the staff tests that all of the equipment is perfectly safe.
It is the closing day at Camp, parents’ pickup their children from the Hacienda and enjoy together with them most activities.
No, however you can take a look to the PIPIOLTECUATES Gallery where you will find photos of the Camp. If you want a special report on how is your kid doing, you can ask for it by calling to our offices. Another alternative is for you to write a message to [email protected] and we will deliver it to your kid.
Yes, for Camps like Summer 1 or 2 – these are the longest, also if your kid is coming to 2 dates.
Yes, PIPIOL has a doctor and a paramedic available 24/7. In addition Campers count with a major medical expenses insurance.
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