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Camp PIPIOL was created in 1964, when Margarita Ortiz Tirado, fondly known as “La Margara”, decided that children deserved a safe space to grow, achieve and have fun.

She adapted the Ex-Hacienda Santa Maria Pipioltepec to house and attend to all of the children that wanted to have a magical camp experience at PIPIOL.

Over time, two groups were formed in PIPIOL, the “Guerrilleros” (WWW) and the “K-nus”. Each camper or Jefe, in time, identifies with one or the other of these groups.

50th anniversary

Why Camp PIPIOL?


Since 1964 we have maintained the excellence and quality we are known for. We are recognized as the most seasoned camp in Mexico, celebrated for our facilities, our people and even for our food.

Year after year we innovate our programs to astound our campers. Each of our areas is completely different, the activities are adapted to the objectives, expectations, and needs of each of the schools, companies and campers that visit us.



Strengthen the values and principles of all generations of children, youths and adults who experience different educational and recreational programs of the highest quality at the most well rounded camp in Mexico. As well as, encourage optimal performance of teamwork, responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Delve into the world of camp, teaching the benefits generated by interpersonal development, so campers have fun and develop a fondness for athletic activities, integration and adventure.



We encourage responsibility, companionship and teamwork in a setting of friendship and trust.

As we are forever committed to preserving the environment, we encourage ecological consciousness and teach campers to care for our planet through recycling, energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and fostering a general respect for living things.



Also known as Jefes or Guides

PIPIOL Staff is composed of youths who pass through rigorous selection and training processes to develop skills in areas of child, corporate and creative development and adventure methods and techniques.

They are constantly trained in first aid, water rescue, camping, safety and teaching methods.

They are responsible for planning each of our programs, whether summer (Camp), school (InCurzo) or corporate (InCorp). They have the knowledge, skills and sensibility necessary to assure that campers have the best summer of their life!



We know safety is key when it comes to adventure activities, which is why at PIPIOL we follow meticulous safety protocols for each site and activity.

We are very careful about every detail of hygiene in the preparation of our foods and we have a paramedic on staff 24 hours a day.

Our hacienda is always closed to the public. No one is permitted entry without previous authorization. When you go to exterior sites you will always be accompanied by an emergency vehicle or rescue boat, and staff who carry high-frequency radios and a first-aid kit.

Para cada actividad que lo requiera, se usa casco, arnés y/o chaleco salvavidas. Todo nuestro equipo es de las mejores marcas y cumple con los estándares internacionales de seguridad. Además antes de empezar los jefes prueban que todo el equipo esté perfectamente bien asegurado.